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Fantasy Zoo is a game where you will manage a zoo.
It is your job to design the distribution of the cages, buy the animals that will live in your zoo, hire the workers, feed the animals, buy aphrodisiacs for them (if you want them to breed), place entertainment places, buy food, and a lot of tasks that will make your zoo entertaining and profitable.

Day by day, the visitors will come, spending money that you will have to invest in enhancing the zoo. Don´t forget to feed the animals, because you should maintain their spirit. Otherwise, your visitor will not enjoy them, and your income is going to decrease.

Your visitors will show dialog boxes with drawings about what they are looking for. Pay attention to them, because you will know exactly when you have to build bathrooms or offer them a place to buy food.

The complete version has many more shops, staff, toilette and garden features. It allow you to choose more animals, toys, feeds and aphrodisiacs. You can manage up to five different zoos at the same time. Using it you will be able to compete with other players in the whole world, because you can share the score you have obtained.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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